Game created during Global Game Jam 2020.  


Murat Kalkavan, Gözde Berberoğlu Özen, Vugar Sevdimaliyev

Preaching to the Choir
 - Gather at least 10 jammers to sing a song and use it in the soundtrack of your game. Thanks to diversifier participators:
Erdem Emekligil,Uğur Kınık, Aycan Atak, Burak Göncü, Kerem Oktay, Gözde Berberoğlu Özen, Birce Yılmazkarasu, Rıfka Razon, Murat Kalkavan, Ferda Aydın.


Drag and throw bubbles. Combine water bubbles to create bigger bubble and extinguish beast's fire. Avoid fire drops.


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are there controls or anything? i can't do anything.

im pretty sure they are WASD and arrow keys if ur on a computer 

i'm on a laptop

You need drag and throw bubbles. There is not keyboard controls. You can play with mouse.

Nice Design